Email letters to Santa Claus


You can email your letters to Santa Claus and see what he says back! Santa checks his email pretty often although sometimes he is working with the Elves or playing with the reindeer. Some of Santa’s pets have been known to hop on the computer and sometimes write back, so you never know what you will get! Since 1994, Santa’s email address has been

Santa has used email to send 10s of million email replies over the past 20+ years!

(Santa doesn’t store your email address let alone sell it to anyone else, just in case you were worried. He is not a fan of spam – you’d be surprised at the number of people who send spam to Santa Claus!).

[If you send Santa your Christmas list or wish list in the area below, it won’t get posted or get a response, that is what the email address is for. If you just wish to post your list without getting a response, you can do so here:].