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US Postal Service goes Politically Correct – (PC) usps


Can anyone guess why the US Postal service guidelines would be used to reject this illustration from appearing on a postage stamp? This image was from an antique 1896 “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”/”A Visit from St. Nicholas” book and was quite well known at the time, and was an early depiction of Santa coming down the chimney.

1896 image of Santa going down the chimney

1896 image of Santa going down the chimney

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This image was approved:

1896 image of Santa going down the chimney

1896 image of Santa going down the chimney

Well, the US Postal Service went politically correct. Their designs don’t allow one to depict smoking.

“Postage stamp rejected”:

Specifically, the design depicted smoking.


[This was rejected November 22, 2016, although the post is dated earlier so as to not be at the top of the recents.]

Email letters to Santa Claus


You can email your letters to Santa Claus and see what he says back! Santa checks his email pretty often although sometimes he is working with the Elves or playing with the reindeer. Some of Santa’s pets have been known to hop on the computer and sometimes write back, so you never know what you will get! Since 1994, Santa’s email address has been

Santa has used email to send 10s of million email replies over the past 20+ years!

(Santa doesn’t store your email address let alone sell it to anyone else, just in case you were worried. He is not a fan of spam – you’d be surprised at the number of people who send spam to Santa Claus!).

[If you send Santa your Christmas list or wish list in the area below, it won’t get posted or get a response, that is what the email address is for. If you just wish to post your list without getting a response, you can do so here:].

Welcome to Santa’s FAQ Page!


We get so many great questions from children of all ages around the world that we decided to compile some of them here. We’ll add to these Frequently Asked Questions as needed. We have three sections at present:


Historical Questions
Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus has a variety of different names in different languages, but they all refer to the person of St. Nicholas who was born many centuries ago in the 4th century (born c 230 AD, various sources list various dates) in Lycia, Anatolia, a province on the southwest coast of Asia Minor (present day Turkey). He was born in Patara, a seaport, and traveled. Read more »