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Santa Claus’ Phone number


You can call Santa at 678-66SANTA (678-667-2682) and leave a voicemail for Santa and the Elves. Kids, please get your parents to verify the number first, and have them help you dial the phone! We don’t want any wrong numbers dialed! It is completely free to leave Santa a voicemail!

Of course, texting works too!

Long distance rates may apply, but let’s be real, most people have free long distance now.

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?


Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?  It is definitely NOT a children’s Christmas movie, but the theme of protecting one’s family and celebrating the holiday is strong throughout the movie, so in our view, yes, it is a Christmas movie.  Just with inappropriate language for kids – and perhaps even adults.

Christmas Countdown – Days Until Christmas


Do you want to know how many days and hours until Christmas? Here you go this is the Christmas Countdown until Christmas for!

244 days, 16 hours until Christmas!