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Best Eggnog for Christmas 2014


After doing a favorite Christmas Eggnog list in 2010, the Elves decided to update the list. In addition to the favorites on the 2010 list, we have added one more to the list for 2014.  The Christmas Milk Brand Eggnog really is one of the Elves’ Favorite drinks. Very smooth taste, and a great blend of all the appropriate ingredients.  This brand comes in at the top of the list of the Elves’ favorite eggnogs. Horizon Eggnog, Gustafson Farms Eggnog, and Fresh Market Eggnog round out the list of Santa’s Elves favorites.

These eggnogs come close to Santa’s Eggnog that we have at the North Pole.




Welcome to Santa’s FAQ Page!


We get so many great questions from children of all ages around the world that we decided to compile some of them here. We’ll add to these Frequently Asked Questions as needed. We have three sections at present:


Historical Questions
Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus has a variety of different names in different languages, but they all refer to the person of St. Nicholas who was born many centuries ago in the 4th century (born c 230 AD, various sources list various dates) in Lycia, Anatolia, a province on the southwest coast of Asia Minor (present day Turkey). He was born in Patara, a seaport, and traveled. Read more »