When are Santa’s Reindeer’s birthdays?


Santa has gotten some questions about the Reindeer’s birthdays so we went out to verify directly from them what their birthdays were:
Dasher: March 28
Dancer: April 10
Prancer: April 16
Vixen: May 10
Comet: May 1
Cupid: April 6
Dunder/Donder/Donner (Rudolph’s dad): April 27
Blitzen/Blixem/Blixen: March 10

Rudolph: May 22

Reindeer are usually born in the spring, like most deer and Santa’s Reindeer are no exception, with some a bit earlier, and some a bit later.

Various people around the world spell the reindeer’s names slightly differently in their native languages, so we often include the alternate spellings!

Merry Christmas!