Best Christmas Eggnog for 2010


After sampling a large number of Eggnog versions in 2010, the Elves have picked a few of their favorites. Unless you are having eggnog with us a the North Pole, these are the ones that the Elves found to be the most enjoyable! After looking in 1999, 2000, and 2005 and not finding any really great store-brand eggnogs, Santa Claus had the Elves at resist the eggnog situation in 2010. Santa found a few eggnogs that come close to Santa’s eggnog that he has at the North Pole.

First, the Horizon Organic lowfat eggnog was the elves’ favorite, followed by Gustafson Farms, and then the Fresh Market Jersey Milk Eggnog.

Any of these will satisfy!

Best Eggnog #1

Best Eggnog #2

Best Eggnog #3

Best Eggnogs, and Santa’s Eggnog


There aren’t that many great store brand eggnogs available this year, but Santa Claus and his elves will be monitoring the eggnogs available to see if there are any that come close the Santa’s Eggnog that the elves enjoy up here at the North Pole.

[Update 2010 and 2014:
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