New FAQ Questions for 2014!


Some of the questions I’ve gotten this year are below! They aren’t answered in Santa’s FAQ Page, so we’ll keep updating them here:

1. Madyson asked “Do you know [a specific person]?” Well, you know the song, “he knows if you’ve been bad or good…” That doesn’t just mean you, but it means you, your friends and their friends, and their friend’s friends and so on. So that is a lot of people, so the answer is yes, I do know them!

2. Andrea, who is 9, asked “How fast is your sleigh?” Well, Andrea, the sleigh can go really, really fast. It needs to go fast to get all the toys delivered for the kids each year! Sometimes we go slow in it, when we are coming in to land, sometimes we go fast! Faster than a jet airplane even! Santa’s Christmas magic helps us deliver presents all over!

3. We had a question about when some of the Reindeer’s birthdays are, and we have that information here.

4. Jordon asks, “will Santa still come if we have no Christmas tree, cookies or milk“? Yes Jordon, Santa will still come even if you don’t have a Christmas tree, cookies or milk! Just be good and considerate of your family and friends and Santa will come!

5. Austin asks, “how much do you weigh after all the snacks you eat around the world?” Fortunately delivering all those presents, climbing up and down chimneys, helping the reindeer and the like is a lot of work so it burns a lot of calories from all that food! Also, Santa’s Christmas magic helps keep him from gaining too much weight! We generally eat healthy food up here at the North Pole the rest of the year!

6. Samarah asks (as do many other people!) “How does Santa Claus get in my house because I do not have a chimney in my home and the door might be locked?” Santa Claus uses his Christmas magic to get into houses that don’t have chimneys. He can pop a quick chimney in the house, come down the chimney, deliver presents, go back out and, poof, the chimney is gone. If necessary, Santa has a special Christmas Key that can help him with locks. But that is usually not needed!

7. Caleb askes “Is my brother or sister on the naughty list?” While Santa and the Elves know who is on the naughty and nice list, we can’t tell the answer to you right now! Someone might get back on the nice list or get off the nice list! The BB&G list (Bad Boys and Girls list) changes based on how everyone is behaving and has behaved! This answer applies to all those types of questions about whether someone is on the naughty or nice list! Ho ho ho!

8. Samarah asks “how Santa Claus knows where I live and if I move how does Santa Claus know where we live?” Santa Claus has Christmas magic to help, plus he has a lot of helpers – Elves, Reindeer, Dogs and Cats etc – who help him keep track of things.

9. Lexi asks, “Hey Santa! I was wondering has anyone ever seen you put presents under the tree?” Well Lexi, it has happened a few times, not very often, but sometimes someone really needed to see Santa so the elves made sure they got to!

10. Cody asks, “what makes Rudolph’s nose shine red? Why can’t it be green?” Well Cody, you know how your blood is red? Reindeer have red blood just like we do! So the red blood makes his nose shine red. If you get your mom and dad to shine a flashlight through your hand, you’ll see your hand look a bit red! I suppose Rudolph could put a filter on his nose to change the color, but he hasn’t tried it yet! He might even be able to use some Christmas Magic to change it too!

11. Do you do test flights? Yes, sometimes we do test flights on the sleigh, plus the reindeer like flying and it is very fun!

12. How often do you check the lists? We check the naughty and nice lists at least twice, sometimes more. Usually the day before Halloween is the first Christmas check (although we do look at them throughout the year when parents ask!), and then again for sure on December 23rd. Although we do check in between fairly often.

13. Do you like beer? Well, beer and other alcoholic beverages are not good when you are flying, so we make sure not do drink and drive the sleigh! Beer and other alcoholic drinks are an acquired taste, and I tend to avoid them!

14. Do reindeer ever get replaced? The reindeer are protected by Christmas magic, so while we do have lots of reindeer who like to fly with the sleigh and can do so, we usually use the same team. Sometimes we have a special red-nosed reindeer to help out, other times when the weather cooperates, he stays home to help out there!

15. What if someone on the naughty and nice list wanted coal for a present, what would you do? That is a tricky question, but they would probably just get nothing from Santa!

Keep checking back, because we’ll try to add answers to more questions as the season progresses!

And for everyone writing in saying they love Santa, we’ll, I love you all too! Ho Ho ho! Let’s make this a fun time (and a great year for 2015) by being nice and helpful to your family and friends, extra nice to your parents and brothers and sisters!

Remember, if you want to send in your gift list, send it to the Santa’s email address on this page and I’ll write you back, or you can post it on this page – but you won’t get an email back on that page.

I’m sure we’ll have a new 2015 FAQ page because there certainly are some creative questions!