Tracking me! – aka Tracking Santa Claus


Are you curious where Santa Claus is now? Well, you can know where I am just by following along with the map below. You can track Santa Claus here.

NORAD, Google and others try to track me using radar and other technology and their efforts are really very cool to see! I love how they apply technology to the problem to see where I am.

With the Santa Tracking map here, I don’t have to be tracked since I just send my position back to the elves at the North Pole who then can update the map with real-time position updates. The map below shows the area that I am working in at the time. With Christmas magic it makes it possible to deliver presents all over the world in the course of a very long night. The reindeer and I (with the occasional help from the Elves) begin delivering presents once it hits Christmas Eve night somewhere in the world.

We begin delivering presents at the International date line (which is roughly on the right-hand side of the map that NASA has provided, below). Then we work our way west through the Eastern parts of Asia, Australia, back to the middle of Asia, through the middle-east, Africa, Europe, South America, North America (including the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Canada of course), then we hit Alaska and the Pacific east of the International date line. It is a hectic time, but every year has wonderful and wondrous moments. We see the stars and the moon through clear skies, through rain, through snow, and through clouds. Every year it is beautiful and unique.

While the Elves know which house we are visiting every moment, computers are not fast enough to update it in real-time. Google and NORAD may show slightly different locations since they are relying upon extra sensors, but they’ll be close! We try to wave to NORAD and various others whenever we see them in the sky!

The Santa Claus map has a countdown to when we begin our flight on Christmas Eve!

You can pop the Santa Claus Tracker into a new window.

(Thanks to NASA for satellite images for the tracker!)